Friday, August 5, 2011

Jude Robert, You are Five Months Old

Jude Robert,
You are 5 months old!!!
What an exciting month it was!
It seemed as if you were learning and doing
new things with each new day!
We love watching you grow
into the strong young 
baby boy that you are!
This month you discovered the joy of sitting
up in high chairs and grocery store carts.
You love seeing the world!
You aren't quite sitting up on your own,
as you need still just a little bit of support,
but I know that's coming any day now!
You discovered your laugh during this month...
we laugh right along with you as it is
just too cute!  You're still our happy,
smiley baby and we are so grateful for that!
You grew an incredible mohawk...
we're tempted to put some gel into it! :)
You moved officially from the bathroom 
sink to the big boy bathtub.  You love the water
and love play time.
Mommy still enjoys this special time with you 
(Daddy gets you dressed in the mornings and
Mommy puts you to bed!)
You discovered your reach--
which is making mom and dad be 
even more alert than we were before! still have your pouty lip!
Makes me want to give you whatever it is that you want!
You keep this up, we're in trouble!
You still love your walker that you discovered
last month--except this month just one day you stood
straight up, put your feet down and
started walking forward (you had
only been going backwards up to this point) if to say,
look out world, here I come!
You LOVE Maddie (the basset hound)
 and Maddie loves you!
You walk up to her in your walker
and just start talking to her.
Y'all are best friends already.
We've been reading to you,
but this month you started to
focus in on what we were reading to you 
and you love all the stories!
Just in the last few days of month number 5 
you started rolling in your bed.
You'd been rolling during tummy time,
but all of a sudden you started doing it in your sleep..
and you wake up on your tummy and you are not happy about it.
You are still eating every 3 hours during the day--strictly 
breast milk.
We're watching your hunger cues as to when to start cereal,
but the goal is to be strictly breast milk till 6 months 
to get all the benefits of it that we can!
And you sleep most nights from 8pm till about 6am...
(then go back down till about 8am)
lately you've gotten some arms and legs stuck, so we've
had to come in in the middle of the night and unstick you...
but we're working on that!
I have no idea what size diaper you are
(we still love your cloth diapers!)...guessing a 2....
we are going next week for your first trip to the beach,
so we'll find out!
You are wearing 3-6 month clothing.
You still fit into 3 month onesies...
but if they have feet, they have to be 6 month size.
I took you to the Dr. one day
because I thought you had an ear infection 
(ended up being slightly inflamed, but not just keep on tugging on it though!)
But at the appt. you weighed in at 16lbs.
You have done a great job putting yourself on a schedule!
We decided to take it one step further this
month and take your "loose" schedule
and put you on a firm schedule. 
You go down for naps now at the same time
every day and this has been great for mom at work!
It's worked out great for all involved!
You love to talk--but won't do it for the general population.
You especially love to talk to Maddie--
we think your first word is going to be "hey"
because it already sounds like that is what you are saying!
We love you so, so much
our little bundle of joy!
Thank you for being 
the little amazing man that you are!

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