Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm linking up with Jeanett for InstaFriday.  A marvelous idea to share our mobile pictures from the week.  Some are just from the phone, some are using the marvelous Instagram App!

Homemade baby food!
First set of bug bites--but super cute!

fall has arrived!

                             currently enjoying this read

                                   New stuff in the shop!

Jude with his great grandparents!

Jude being a boy!!!

                                                     Jude was insistent on being rude and putting his feet on the table!

                                Antique shopping for my craft fair!
I love fall!!!!
Getting so big!
First taste of something green--PEAS!!!

Braves game with the fam!
                                           Tis the season!

                                                                       Yay for weddings!

Hosting a wedding shower for my dear
friend Kelli!

Beautiful bride in the middle with the hostesses
We brought games back to high school youth group!
For more pics, visit our youth blog!
cutie patootie
new flower pin pretties!
new headbands!
We've got a scooter/crawler.  Jude's not sure
why he's on the floor and the dog is on the couch!
First day of fall today---
packing away little man's summer/smaller
clothes and bringing out the next size up
and fall clothes!

life rearranged

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