Friday, September 30, 2011


It's Friday again....which means it's InstaFRIDAY!!!  I'm linking up again with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged.  InstaFRIDAY is such a fun way of sharing my cell phone pics from the week.  Some are used from the Instagram app, the others are just plain ole, plain ole!

Jude and I have started walking each afternoon.  Here's one of our strolls to the grocery store.  He loves his jogging stroller as long as we are outside.  He is not a fan of the stroller inside or his normal sized stroller!

Jude loves his new toy from Nana!

We had a special visit from Ms. Julie.  
There aren't words to describe how much we love this woman and
how grateful we are for her!

Kid proof.
Jude likes to eat paper.
(and yes, it's a busy fall!)

On the first Wednesday of each month we do something
"fun" and for the month of October it's
a church wide nerf gun war.  
Jude's ready for it!

I've been a little busy bee in the evenings prepping for

the puppy gate has turned into a 
baby gate....
or wait, maybe it's both!

Poor buddy.

Hubs hung me a clothes line
so that Jude's diapers can get some sun.
LOVE this picture.
This one was with the instagram app...

but I'm thinking I like the "original"(below).  If I knew this
pic was going to turn out so neat, I'd have gotten
the real camera out.  Oh well, I have a chance to catch it again...
every 2-3 days :)
Still LOVE these diapers by the way!

I love this boy.

He likes broccoli.
He likes carrots.
He likes to eat them together.
He does not like them pureed together.
And will hit the spoon when you come anywhere 
him with it.

We received this as a shower gift
and it's been in the attic till now....
it's the big boy seat....

And we're not quite sure about it....

Really not sure about it.

A pumpkin came in this week's Farmers Market Basket!
I was so excited!!!
They gave us insturctions on how to cook it....
and I've never used anything other than canned....
so what's a girl to do.  
Have you used real pumpkin to make a pie
or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies??
We're headed to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow...
taking Jude for his first hayride.
I am so stinking excited!!!!

And the grandparents are here this weekend.
Here are the for meat!
And btw McDad can cook an amazing steak!!!!

life rearranged

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Paige said...

I can't wait for all the fall festivities!