Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jude's Dedication Day...continued

You might have caught the actual pictures from Jude's Dedication last week.....

To continue...here are some cutie patootie pictures of him and the family enjoying this special day!

Our tables!

Jude's feet!
And his Bible!

 Jude and his G-Nan

Jude and his Nana and Grandad

Thank you for coming up all the way from Savannah!
**Ansiton came too...but she was taking a nap at this moment!**

Jude and his G-Nan and Geezer

The McLendon's

**Not quite sure how we missed getting a picture with
Todd and Marynan!  We can't thank you 
enough for making the trip up!**

Yay for G-Nan's caramel cake!

And that would be the knife we cut our wedding cake with.
Some would call me sentimental....

Our adopted family spent the day with us as well.
Thank you Amelia, Katie, and Jordan for loving us and our son!

Grateful to all that made this day so special. 
We are grateful for all that love our little family
of three!

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