Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's take a walk....shall we.....

If we were hanging out in person, I'd like to take a walk and talk about life....but for now we have this little space on the internet and this will just have to suffice.

Life.  Blogging.  My intention is that the two of these things would go together.  But then life happens and blogging does not.

About a month and a half ago I recovered from Summer Camp and started blogging again.  I joined up with Gussy Sews for the Inspiration Workshop and Jeannette for InstaFriday.  I loved jumping in to these communities and loved sharing my heart and my life.  Then we hosted a weekend event to kick-off our new school year and the week before the event I was consumed by it...and two weeks later I finally feel as if I have recovered.

So here we are.  I'd like you to know that I have full intentions of making this an interactive community.  I love sharing life.  I love sharing our little Jude with you.  I love writing.  I miss writing.  I use to write a lot.  I'd like to start that again.

And as you know I have a little thing called Kristin's Kreations.  Back in January I decided that I wanted to have a separate blog for my little etsy shop.  So, I wandered over to Wordpress.  Trying to figure out Worpress along with having a new baby--I never could get the blog to be what I wanted it to be.....and while I was attempting two blogs---they both suffered.  So, as of this past week I have decided to come back to just one blog.  That means that along with sharing life, sharing the McLendon Whereabouts, sharing my heart, sharing youth ministry, Kristin's Kreations will be coming back on.

So, on that note...let's talk shop for a moment shall we?  I've been a busy little bee and have been getting new product ready for the shop.  I am so excited about the new stuff that's coming (if you follow me on twitter or "like" Kristin's Kreations on facebook, you already know that!).  Speaking you follow Kristin's Kreations on twitter (not to be confused with my original twitter account!).

Here's the deal we're going to have what we call "premiere week."  STARTING TODAY!

Notice the new tag line--would love to hear your feedback!

Each day this week we are going to "premiere" a new item.....and you get to see each new item before it goes live in the shop!

At 8am each morning this week I will post a new item here on the blog and share it on twitter and facebook.  I will not post the new item on etsy till 6pm each day.  If you decide before 6pm that you are interested in the new product of the day, please post "SOLD" in the comment section along with your paypal email address....and I will send you an invoice.  And the best part about this?  If you buy it before I list it on etsy, you will receive FREE SHIPPING!

Yay!  I'm so excited about this. It's going to be a great week and so much fun!

Here's just a little preview of the first item that I'll be listing....(taken during our photo shoot and on Instagram of course!)

So all that to say...who's going to join me in just 8 short hours?  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Here's to life.  Here's to blogging.  Here's to new things.  Thank's for going on a walk with me!  See you in the morning!

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