Thursday, September 15, 2011

Premiere Week-Day Four

Day Four of Premiere Week is Here!!

Are we having fun yet?

Just a reminder of how this works....
You get a sneak peek here on the blog of a new item each day.
The sneak peek will post at 8am sharp.
You then have till 6pm to decide if you want this lovely.
If the item has not been claimed by 6pm, then it will go
live in the shop!
If you would like to purchase the item, please type
SOLD in the comment section along with your paypal email
address and I will send you an invoice.  If you purchase
it before it goes live on etsy, you will receive FREE SHIPPING!!!
(and that's a savings of $2.50!!!)
How's that for fun!

For Day Four I'm brining you one of my original designs--
the Flower Pin Pretty

Can you tell I've fallen in love with this pattern/color combination?
(I promise there are more colors coming, I just decided to use this
for each new item!  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see 
a color combo that I'm also very excited about!)

I love these flower pin pretties.  They can be pinned to a shirt...
but I also like to pin them to scarves....and pearl necklaces...
and purses.  The possibilities are endless!

This flower pin pretty is a beautiful color combination of 
a mossy green, aqua blue, mocha brown, and cream.

It measures three and a half inches wide and three and a quarter
inches tall.  This flower pin pretty has a one inch metal pin on the back.

This flower pin pretty is available for $8.50.
**And if purchased here today before 6pm you will receive free shipping, 
which is a $2.50 savings**

And here are some pictures of how to wear these flower pin pretties!
**Flower Pin Pretty that is pictured below is not for sale**

On the scarf:

On a necklace...with my dear friend Liz!

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