Saturday, October 29, 2011

InstaFRIDAY {on a Saturday Night!}

Yay for Fridays {and Saturday nights!}

Linking up for InstaFriday!!!
{A fun way to post cell phone pics from through out the week!}

life rearranged

I seem to only get these done every two weeks....
I'll try to get better!

Jude got lots of lovin in Birmingham!

While in Birmingham, Jude attended his first wedding!
Back in Marietta--
We love Aunt Mia!
Yay for Birthday Weeks!
Jude feeding himself for the first time!
He loved it!
Sewing my first scarf!
Yay for birthday cake!
Hubby brought me breakfast in bed from
my favorite breakfast place!
Dunkin K-Cups from Jude!
Future Rosettes!
And our first trip away from our little man!
Yay for Mr. and Mrs. Wood
{St. Simons Island}
Our mode of transportation for the weekend!
Braved taking Jude and Maddie on a walk
by myself and we came across this beauty

We visited the church that had a pumpkin patch
across the street from Robert's coffee shop!
Here's my little punkin!

I took Jude to his first trip to Toys "R" Us.
He loved it and I spoiled him rotten
{thanks to gift cards that we had!}

Happy Weekend Friends!

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