Friday, October 14, 2011


It's Friday! You know what that means!
Linking up once again with Jeannett for....

life rearranged

Jude's first hayride!!!
{Aren't my boys handsome!}

Robert's cousin...Chad and his beautiful family came to Kennesaw and we got to sneak in a lunch with them!

"BooBoo Ducky" made his first appearance...
and worked like a charm!

The first, of I'm sure many, picture frames that contained wedding pictures switched out for baby pictures!

My Life.

Jude was the ultimate Nerf Gun Champion!

Baby boy turned 7 months old!!!

And at 7 months and 1 day we discovered this....and yes that's the cord to his monitor that he pulled into his crib! His crib is now lowered all the way down and his monitor is firmly tacked to the wall!

Heidi-Ho and Pippie or Thelma and Louise were reunited! If only for a little over an was good for my heart!

I had my first craft fair! And I roped the wonderful hubs into helping me!!!

I heart these boys.

New products for Kristin's Kreations made their appearance at the Marietta Square Artists Market! First up: Gloves featuring rosettes:

And Camera Straps!

My boys at the craft fair! It was an early morning!

My beautiful booth my HUBBY built me!!

Baby had his first cold this week and we had a lot of this:

And sweet cuddly moments like these:

When we were feeling better we decided to ride Maddie

We travelled to Perry for the morning so that G-Nan and Geezer could take their baby to the Georgia National Fair. Jude had his first horseback ride!

Jude loved the petting zoo! This camel loved him but I think his favorite was the llama!!!

Happy Friday Friends!!

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