Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jude Robert, You Are Seven Months Old

My baby boy, you are seven months old already!

You are a true joy and pure delight!

You continue to learn new things and 
amaze us with each new day!

You've mastered the art of sitting up!

You still army crawl everywhere you need to go...
but you do try to get up on those knees.
I know it's any day now that you are going to just take off!

You're still a breastfed baby...
and eating your solids!

You've added oatmeal, pears, peas, squash, cauliflower,
and broccoli to your menu!

You are in 6 and 6-9 month clothing
with some 12 month pants!
You are just growing like a little weed!

We had to start double stuffing your cloth
diapers at all times (we were just doing this at night)
and we had to move your diapers "up" a notch!

You had a special visit from your Nana
this month and she spent lots of good
quality time with you!

Your G-Nan and your Geezer came up for a 
weekend too!
We went with them to get
your first pumpkin and go on 
your first hay ride!

You still sleep amazingly well.  
12 hours at night, 2 hour morning nap, 3 hour afternoon nap.
We are going to ride this train as long as it will last!

You like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth.
And you have officially starting getting into

For your 6 month check up 
(I know this is your 7 month post, but you went after
I posted your 6 month post!)
You checked in at
26 3/4 inches long
16 lbs, 12 ozs

You still love bath time,
Murphy the owl,
and your left thumb.

I miss you being my little newborn, 
but LOVE this stage that your
personality is shining through!

You love to play with your toys,
and bounce in your bouncebounce.

We've had to pick things up off the ground,
turn the puppy gate into the baby gate,
put covers on electrical outlets...
you are officially taking over!

And we love every minute of it!

You are so mobile...
you are getting harder and harder to take pictures of!
You are VERY interested in taking the camera out of my hand!
(And we won't even mention how hard it is now to change
your diaper with you insisting on flipping over!!)

We love you my little goose
(which is your newest nickname by the way!)
Happy Seven Months!

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caroline {good times never seem sew good} said...

WHAT a cutie!! i love the onesie you decorated :) adorable baby boy!