Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Before Fall Completely Passes Us By, Part Three is Wednesday...and sadly I have
no What I Wore Wednesday Post for you.
I know. Sad.
I did get dressed, I promise.
We had A LOT going on this week and pictures
just did not take priority. 
I promise to be better next week.

Today is my final Fall blog wrap up.
Thanks for being along for the ride!
This fall I turned 32.  eekk.
The hubs treated me extra special!

He brought me breakfast in bed
from my favorite breakfast place---
that is no where near here.
A good thirty minute drive
without morning traffic.
He is incredible.
Who else gets Flying Biscuit in bed?

My first birthday
as a Mommy was extra special.
Jude bought me the perfect present

And hubs bought me what I asked for...

This was a nice surprise from my parents!
Money for new/post baby wardrobe.
Thank you!

That afternoon we loaded up the car
and headed to Richmond Hill for the evening.

This little one helped me celebrate!

Time with the parents, sister, & niece
is always extra special.

The next morning Robert and I headed to St. Simons Island...
Yep!  We left him overnight for the first time!

First on the agenda was a Bridal Luncheon for a dear friend....
we enjoyed good quality time together.
It was marvelous.

A walk on the beach was perfect
for this birthday girl!

That evening we headed to the rehearsal dinner.
This picture doesn't do it justice.
It was at a marina that was absolutely gorgeous.

The beautiful bride
and the SOS
(Song of Solomon) girls!

Mrs. Wood!

Robert with the groom!

We rented a house with our dear friends for the weekend
and this was our mode of transportation for the weekend!

And my hubby. Have I mentioned that he is absolutely amazing.
After the luncheon on Friday, we went by the house
and this was in the fridge:

Which I of course that was amazing, 
but then later found out that he even ordered it earlier
in the week before we even got there!
Katie & I have the same birthday
and it was true joy to share it together
on St. Simons!
The weekend was so good for us.
It was beautiful celebrating the wedding of a precious friend.
It was great fellowship with friends.
Lots of yummy seafood!  
It was incredible quality time with my
husband and good for our marriage!!!

Thanks for living life with us through the fall!
Now that we are caught up, 
we're ready to have Thanksgiving 
and then get out the Christmas decorations out this weekend!
So excited!!!!

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