Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being a parent is not easy (Jude's surgery)...

Okay, not only not easy, but by far the hardest thing I've ever done.  Can anyone relate?  

Now that it has been almost 3 weeks and we had our post-op appointment this morning.....
 and my heart I think has recovered,
I can share with you about our little man.
Forgive us for not sharing earlier,
but it was something we wanted to keep private 
and do as a family.
With that being said, 
with it now behind  us, 
I wanted to share some adorable pictures with you.

On the morning of October 28th we got up at 4:45am and headed to 
Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta.
(side note-we went to bed at the top of the 9th inning thinking
the Rangers had the game in the bag--
only to wake up the next morning to find out
we'd missed the end of the game of the century....
And we are Cardinal fans...
moving on!)

We had made the decision based on recommendations 
from Jude's pediatrician and then later a Pediatric Urologist
to have his circumcision redone.
I won't go into details and just leave it at that
(for his sake!)

In comparison- this surgery was minor
to something like heart surgery
(which is what I kept telling myself!!)
but one that required him being put under
and given an epidural as it was more extensive than his
initial circumcision...and he would have
stitches (and be sent home with codeine)!

This is after they gave him just the tylenol:
 (regular tylenol!  He didn't like the 4:45 wake up call either!)

Both parents get to be in pre-op and post-op...
one parent gets to go back, lay him on the table,
and stay with him while they administer the anesthesia,
and stay till he is asleep.
I initially said there was no way I could handle that,
but I asked the Lord for supernatural strength-
and He gave it in abundance.

My sweet boys:

Right before we went back, the doctor stuck his head in to say hello.
Jude swung his head up (from the position in the picture above)
with this look on his face, 
"What did I miss?"

This was post-op:
He did very well, even though his legs were like
jello from the epidural!

Still has that left thumb.

And in the car on the way home...
a smile for the camera!

Making the decision to have the surgery was
difficult, but now that it is done, so grateful
that we did it.
It was so hard knowing ultimately it was our decision.

Jude has recovered well even though 
we had the worst week following the surgery that we have ever had.
He wasn't able to straddle anything 
(read-he couldn't be contained-
no bounce, bounce, no exersaucer, etc.)
and we were suppose to "limit" his activity.  
Which was next to impossible thanks to him not being able to be contained!

I'm incredibly grateful to my RiverStone family that takes such good care of us!
Dinner was brought to us the night of his surgery.
Lot's of prayer covering.
Lots of hugs and holding of Jude in the office the week after.
I wouldn't have made it without their support!

And that's the story of our little man
and his little surgery!
Thank you for living life with us!

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Sara Beth Stout said...

oh man, just thinking about Matt and me making a decision like that for Ruthie made my heart sink and my eyes tear up! So proud of you both and praying for a quick and speedy recovery for little man! love you, sweet friends!