Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jude Robert, You are 8 Months Old

My handsome boy!
You are 8 months old!!!
And this is one of my favorite poses that you do

You love to smile and show us
your goofy grin...
and all those teeth!

You love to play!

You love to move!
You are still army crawling...
You get wherever it is that you want to go,
that's for sure!

You keep mommy & daddy on their toes
and we're constantly
having to look at things differently
knowing you're about to get into them!
(Unfortunately you have found interest in Maddie's 
food & water bowl which has resulted in our 
first use of the word NO with you!)

You sometimes get up on your knees,
considering the thought of actually crawling-
then you decide you can get there quicker
if you army crawl.

You started pulling up this month
(are you going to skip crawling and go straight for walking?).
You especially like using
mommy & daddy
to pull up on.

At 7 months and 1 day
you pulled up in your bed during nap time
and we couldn't put you back in it 
till Daddy got home from work and was able to lower it.
We've lowered it as far down as it will go-
I hope it will contain you for the time being!

Speaking of nap time-
we felt you were old enough that you could
take your Murphy to bed with you.
You love your Murphy and this is such a special treat for you!
(You previously only had Murphy during awake time,
or when Mommy was awake and could watch you on the
monitor.  We'd let you fall asleep with him, but then
remove him from your crib when we went to bed.)

You had your first weekend
without your Mommy & Daddy!
Your Nana & Grand Dad
kept you from Fri-Sun while your
Mom & Dad had a wedding on St. Simons Island.
You didn't seem to mind-
but we sure did miss you!

During your 8th month
you started eating two solid meals a day.
You added the fall veggies to your menu this month!
Including Acorn Squash, Spaghetti Squash, and Pumpkin
(yep!  Mom cooked you a whole pumpkin!)
You're Nana gave you some organic smoothies
that included things like parsnips, blueberries, strawberries,
just to name a few!
You especially love your sweet potatoes 
and the banana, apple, pear concoction Mom cooked up for you!

You got three new teeth during your 8th month-
making it a total of 4!
You have done great with all of your teething!

You unfortunately had your first cold during this month.
It was no fun, but it gave for extra snuggles!

You are wearing mainly 9 month clothing,
pants are mostly 12 months.
You can fit in some 6-9 month clothes.
You have become quite tall and lean!
(yay for tall!)

You are still in cloth diapers, 
but we did have to buy you some
disposable diapers & you're in a size 3.

You still sleep great and for the most
part are on the same schedule.
(12 hour nights, 1.5-2 hour morning naps, 
2.5-3 hour afternoon naps)

The biggest thing about your 8th month
was that you had surgery.  We will actually post more 
about this, later this week, but you did
great and were such a trooper!

You continue to amaze us with each new day. 
You are a delight to us & we can't imagine our
lives without you.
You are a gift to us from God
and we are truly thankful!!!

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ACupBearer said...

Sweet! Sweet!! Sweet!!! Cannot believe how fast our little fellow is growing..

And I love the fact that he's sitting in his great-great-great grandmother's rocking chair! Wouldn't Granny be smitten!