Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

 The hubs has been so kind to me and helping me jump on the 
What I Wore Wednesday Bandwagon!
He's my awesome photographer!

Just in case you missed my first WIWW post,
this is a way to hold each other accountable to putting effort in what we wear each week.
It's definitely made me think twice each morning when I get dressed!

Day in the Office,
Evening Family Cell Group

Look closely, you'll see the Ruffles!

Church and Fall Festival
Scarf for church
Cowl for the evening!

Inside pics didn't turn out too good--
but had to document this outfit.
Monday morning I wanted to throw on a sweatshirt,
hat and jeans.  Because of the accountability of this post--
I got dressed and even straightened my hair!

Full Staff & Meeting Day
This was super comfy and cute!

Some Links from above:

Pants side note:
I have an issue finding pants that fit me (Might be the fact that I am 4'10").
Ann Taylor Loft does well, but it took 
me years of shopping there sales racks and spending gift cards
to gather what I have that no longer fit me.
Not having the cash to splurge on those anytime soon,
I've discovered jeans at target.  They are long on me, 
but they are just going to have to do!
So I have two pairs...that I rotate.  
So sorry about the repetition!

Exercise Update:
Hubs and I attempted P90X and almost died.
Yeah, but we are pressing on and not giving up!
Gotta figure out the schedule.  
Any working & nursing moms have any advice as to when you have time to exercise?????

I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy!

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