Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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500.  That's what number post this is. No pressure right?  To ponder this post is to think back to where it all began......

May 25, 2008

Our first attempt at a blog...
The first time I created a blog name for Robert and I, I entitled it The very next day the Lord began opening the door for us and told us we were going into a transition. Lesson get too comfortable when you title the blog with where you live. I learned my lesson. So our new blog title is this one...The McLendon Whereabouts. Our prayer is that this blog will be a tool to keep those who love us up to date with what's going on in our lives. We pray it will be an encouragement, a place for discussion, a place for sharing life, a place to pray for one matter where the Lord has these McLendons!

Since our first attempt at titling a blog...we have had a time of being on our faces before the Lord. It's been a time where there were very painful migraines, but a level of desperation of wanting to hear His voice that we wouldn't trade for anything.

We now find our 5 years of ministry in Richmond Hill coming to a close. The word "bittersweet" has been what I have been using as of late. It is sad to leave the ones I love...the kids I have fallen head over heels for and have taken a permanent place in my heart...but the Lord wants to bring them a new I will step aside. I will lead our two mission trips, New Orleans, June 1-7 and Costa Rica, July 7-15....and then my final day as Youth Minister of RHUMC will be July 20th. 

Robert and I will remain in RH till after August 2nd when my baby sister gets married and then we will begin our transition to the Marietta/Kennesaw area as I will join the staff of RiverStone Church ( We are very excited for this opprotunity the Lord has laid before us and can't wait to see His total plan unfold!

We ask for your prayers during this time! Please pray for the Youth Ministry of RHUMC...pray that the Lord would bring who He wants here to take these kids to the next level in their relationship with Him. Please pray that Robert would be able to find a job and we would be able to find affordable housing! :-)

Thank you for loving us!!!

December 14, 2011
What a journey it has been hasn't it?  I am overwhelmed by how good the Lord is. His plan is perfect and it is sweet.  Tomorrow we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.  We have a sweet 9 month old baby boy.  We have a basset hound named Maddie.  We still have our darling kitty, Abigail.  We live in the Marietta/Kennesaw area and we thank Jesus everyday for our RiverStone community.   This is home now.  This is where we have become a family....and you've been walking along side us (either physically or through reading this blog!) and we are truly thankful.

My prayer is that as you have followed us for the last 499 posts, you have been encouraged.  Encouraged in your walk with the Lord.  Encouraged in your family life.  Encouraged in your day to day.

Thank you for being along for the ride!  Here's to another 500!

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