Friday, January 13, 2012

InstaFRIDAY & an Update!

I'm still here, I promise!
I've been enjoying a little down time
with my family!

I'm linking up for InstaFriday!
A fun way to share our mobile pictures from the week
(do you have the app?  If so, follow me there:  kamclendon)

I also thought it'd be a fun way to
catch you up on our little family!

Christmas was spent
in Richmond Hill/Savannah 
with my family and went by
way too fast!

Baby's first Christmas was everything I'd dreamed it would be!

Lots of snuggles with Nana and Grand Dad.  
Lots of playing with cousin Aniston.
Lots & lots of new toys!

Road trip for the day down to St. Simons Island with Nana and baby Jude!

The ocean air is good for the heart!

Caught up with old friends and 
had coffee dates into the wee hours of the night!

Highlights and a hair cut!  
Flying (appropriately) with Grand Dad!
Christmas break can be exhausting!

Visit with Granny!
Four generations strong!

Back in Marietta to bring in the new year.  
The hubs was playing football, so Jude and I took a stroll in the park!

We quietly welcomed in 2012....
then on January 2nd I headed to the Georgia Dome 
for the Passion Conference with my High School Seniors!
45,000 18-25 year olds.....incredible.
{Not to mention I got to see some of my favorite people...
Heidi Ho & the Sheehan Family!}

And did you know that there are currently 27 million people enslaved in the world?
That's more than ever before.  This generation took a stand and raised over 3 million dollars during the conference to go towards stopping modern day slavery.

Here's my baby.  He turned 10 months old while I was at the conference.  G-Nan spent the week with him and they got lots of snuggles!  I drove back and forth each day and got about 15 minutes each morning with my little man (not to mention about 3 hours of sleep each night).  I was grateful I was still the first face he saw in the morning...even if it was just for a moment!

We got new couches for Christmas!  
Here they are on delivery day (and not a happy baby!)
We LOVE them!

Hubs bought me a Kindle for Christmas.  I've spent every little extra moment I could find reading!  I'm currently reading "7" by Jen Hatmaker.  More on this over the weekend (and a giveaway, so stay tuned!)

Baby got sick (AGAIN) while I was at the conference.  Thankfully he's better---but now the hubs is sick!  Can. not. win.

Here's our pretty living room.  We completely moved things around and I love it!  We took out the coffee table and there's LOTS of play room for Master Jude!

So there's our update via Instagrams!
I hope to have the shop back up in the next week.
Lots of new things coming and I'm excited!

Do you have big plans for the weekend?
We're excited to have absolutely nothing planned.
We've had snow flurries already this morning,
so we are staying in and staying warm!

Happy Friday Friends!

life rearranged

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