Friday, January 20, 2012


Has it already been a week since I posted last?
I have full intentions of making 2012
a year of taking the blog to the next level!
But I've been lingering in this cold month of January.
I've been trying to be intentional with my son.
When he's awake. 
I'm paying attention to him.
Youth Ministry is in full swing.
And did I mention I started P90X?
For real this time.
{I'm on week #2!)
And that's an hour of my day.
And I have a dear friend
holding me accountable
(or I would have quit by now!)

So all that to say..
I do have big plans
big dreams
for this little space
and my little shop.
It's slowly coming, 
but will come I promise!

here are my men...
contemplating life.

And the basset hound became a horse.  No biggie.  
She was thrilled...can't you tell?

A little bit of lingering.  A hot cup of tea in one of my favorite mugs.

Youth Ministry.  I'm in my 9th year (can you believe that) and I am still in love with what the Lord lets me do.  This...this right here...seeing our young men surround and pray for one of our Associate Pastors. Yes, this is beautiful.

And then we had boot camp led by Pastor Terry.  
Quite possibly my favorite youth group I've ever been too.

And this man.  His smile melts my heart.

The lingering time....I've been finishing this book. And. I. Love. It.  
Still working on a post to share with you.....and give you a chance to win your own copy!!!

Our dear friends adopted a precious baby girl.  Jude was finally healthy this week and able to meet Ava.  Love it. {she's beautiful! and a miracle!}

Jude became too cool for school this week.  He found his beach toys in his closet and pulled them all out {including the sunglasses!}  Looks like baby is yearning for the beach just as much as his mama is!

Mail. I have a slight addiction to it.  I love to check the mail every day.  And yesterday?  It did not disappoint.  Southern Living.  Check in the mail. Package.  Delightful!  And the package?  My new kindle snuggie I ordered from Rags to Stitches!  Go check her out and tell her hello!

My favorite accessory these days?  This little man.  He's pulling up on everything...and that includes me.  You can usually find him going 90 to nothing....or attached to my legs.  I am not complaining!

My little man loves to drink from our cups and drink from a straw.  He's talented I tell ya.

That's our week in a nut shell. 
How was yours?

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Holly said...

Oh wow I love your owl mug! Also the look on your basset hound's face as she's being used as a horse, lol!! :)

.........Bill......... said...

Life is indeed full of change and some of it is nothing short of wonderful!