Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jude Robert, You are Eleven Months Old

You are one month
away from turning ONE!
You are every bit of precious
and I love every ounce
of your 11 month old being!
This month you added the word...
to your vocabulary!
We are so proud of you
and love that you now say
Mama and Dada
(amongst lots of other jabberings!)
You are crawling full speed ahead....
you are so fast and
into everything!
You pull up on everything
and "walk" around the living
room holding onto the furniture!
You gained about a pound this month 
rounding at at about 19 pounds....
and you've grown an inch and a half...
putting you at 30 inches tall!
It's time to install that big boy car seat!!!!
You're our little eater...
eating everything and anything
that we give you.
There isn't anything you don't like.
Your a tall, skinny little man.
For anything that has legs...
you're wearing 12 month clothing.
You can still fit in some 9 month shirts,
but we've mainly moved onto the 12 month category.
Our washing machine broke over
the course of this month, so you were in
disposable diapers more than we would have liked!
While you were in the disposables,
you were in a size 3.
Still trying to figure out the night time
sleeping/diaper arrangement.
Think we're just going to have to give in
to disposables at night (boo!)
You held onto 5 teeth during your 11th month...
tooth number 6 looks to be making an appearance soon!
You completely dropped your morning nap
during your 11th month.
It's been quite interesting getting on a new schedule...
but we are persevering!
We had a very healthy 11th month!
It was much needed!
During this month you nursed 2-3 times a day
and we supplemented the rest with a bottle
(some breast milk, some formula).
You eat a huge breakfast and a huge dinner.
Lunch can be tricky bc you
can become toast before we can get you home
(since you've dropped that morning nap!)
but we do our best to get it in you!
And of course there are lots of snacks throughout the day!
You are full of energy....
full of life...
and so much fun!
You still love your Murphy....
and you sleep with 3 lovies and 1 elmo.
You have to have them all 
and it is precious to
see you love your little people.
And these cheeks.
I could just eat them up.
Thank you for a beautiful 11 months.
It's been a beautiful ride and I'm 
excited for all that the Lord has
for this little McLendon family...
party of three!

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