Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days...

This post will serve as "Home" for my 31 day journey hosted by The Nester.  If this is your first time here, be sure to scroll down first to see my introduction!

Day One:  Why Isaiah 32:18
Day Two:  If Mama Ain't Happy
Day Three:  The Rule
Day Four:  Praying Scripture over our Homes
Day Five:  Praying for our Husbands
Day Six:  Let's Be Intentional Shall We?
Day Seven:  Pray...together
Day Eight:  Read the Word-Together
Day Nine:  Involve the Kiddos
Day Ten:  Things Don't Always Go As Planned
Day Eleven:  Day Eleven :)
Day Twelve:  He Knows
Day Thirteen:  Jump On In
Day Fourteen:  Heaven on Earth
Day Fifteen:  D.A.W.G. Day...or maybe just a moment
Day Sixteen:  Praying for the Kiddos

Go ahead and call me crazy.  I've officially fallen off the blogging rocker.  I wouldn't even call myself a blogger anymore.... yet I feel a tug on my heart to join the 31 days that the Nester is hosting.  I'm scared.  Feel it's a ridiculous commitment when I haven't blogged in oh say at least 2 months.  Scared of failure.  Scared of being vulnerable.  Dare I say it, scared of being real.  I've come up with about 100 reasons not to do it and keep going back to the one that outweighs the 100...I feel the tugging on my heart from the Lord.

So here it is.....

Just a fair warning it's not going to be pretty.  You will see the ugly places in my heart.  So yeah, this should be fun...and praying it's not as painful as I've made it up in my mind to be.

So come back tomorrow and join me.  For Day 1.  See you soon!


JennyBC said...

Kristin; This is great! I love the Nester and see this every year and think I should too. Good for you! Can't wait ti read. Just read Edie's over at life in Grace...she's addicting! Blessings to you as you take this on! Outstanding job just to show up and do the thing.

A Cup Bearer said...

You can do it! If nothing else, just post a picture of Jude. After all, that's a large portion of "putting your heart out there."

Love you.

Stacie said...

Choking up because I had this type of day too. Thanks you for being brave and for encouraging me to be also. Blessings as you travel your 31 days!