Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Rule

"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."
 Isaiah 32:18

Yesterday we dove into the first part "peaceful habitation."  I truly believe a peaceful habitation begins with us in the Word.  I thought we'd camp out here for another day if you don't mind.  With the challenge to be in the Word more, I thought I may share some thoughts and resources since this is so dear to my heart.  

I have a rule.  It is--I must drink one cup of coffee before Jude wakes up.  More importantly I MUST SIT STILL to drink that cup of coffee AND read the Word...before Jude starts his day.  I can truly say that how my day is going to go can truly go back to my rule.  If I did not wake up and spend that quiet time, things seem to not go well.  I'm not the best mama I can be.  So for Jude's sake--his mama needs to be in the Word and needs quiet before he's full throttle!

With that being said--what are some of my favorite resources?

I use to be anti devotionals.  I've come a long way.  I still don't think one should depend solely on a devotional to hear from Jesus.  So--the Word.  It's good.  Start there.  Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you.  Journal.  I'm such a huge fan of journaling.  I believe we should record the revelation Jesus gives us.  Write a love letter to Him.  Daily communion with Him through writing.  It's so good.

Now, there's a group of women in our church that I adore and look up to and they turned my heart to devotionals by suggesting I read Smith Wigglesworth Devotional.  Warning--only read this if you want to be strettttcchhed.  Amen.

I recently have been reading Prayer by Smith Wigglesworth and the Lord has daily been speaking to my heart though this. (Side note--Amazon just told me that I ordered this book back in November 2008--I recently discovered it on my shelf and it's been so timely!).

Community and accountability.  Get this in your life!  Find even if it's just one person to hold you accountable to being in the Word.  Just one person in your life that will ask you how your relationship with Jesus is....

Moving on before that becomes a soapbox there are some awesome online communities that you can get involved in.  Read blogs that encourage your inner man.  One of my favorite online communities that is out there is She Reads Truth.  If you aren't sure where to start in the Word--this community is an awesome one to be apart of.  Go there now.

Ah, it's good isn't it?  So who's going to get up in the morning and have that cup of coffee?  Remember the coffee is good--but the be still part is where it's at. :)

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dawnp said...

Yes, coffee is good and needed. I haven't been so diligent about the quiet time with God though...this I realize is the heart of my problems. Thank-you for your wise words. Have a blessed day.