Friday, October 5, 2012

Praying for our Husbands

"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."
 Isaiah 32:18

Diving into "secure" a little more today.  How did it go praying Psalm 91 over your home?  I'd love to hear any Scriptures that you have that you have used to pray over your homes!

As we looked at yesterday, "secure" means free from or not exposed to danger or harm; safe.  I'm going to step out and say-- I believe a way we can make our home "secure"... is to love our husbands well.

Our babies need to know that their home is secure and one of the best ways for them to know it?  To know that their mommy and daddy's relationship is secure.  They also need to know that it is priority.  A safe and secure home has a marriage that is solid.  Your husband also needs to know his home is secure, just as much as you need to know it too!

Before we go on, I must confess that we do not have the perfect marriage--I do not want to convey that message.  It is something we must daily work on, and the reality is this blog series was birthed out me desiring to offer my family a better home (because if we are being honest, it was starting to get quiet chaotic!)--which in return offers a better marriage.

Moving on--how do we love our husbands well?

As with everything we can go back to the beginning of this series of being in the Word and starting our days with Jesus.  We're just able to love better when we know the love of the Father and how He feels about us.  So keep digging into the Word.  For today, I'd like to encourage us to make our husbands a constant in our prayer lives.  No matter the state of your marriage today--pray for your husband.

Sometimes we need a little help--so a prayer guide that I have found recently--but haven't been faithful in praying--until today because we are holding each other accountable--can be downloaded here.

I truly believe a secure dwelling can be found when we have a secure marriage.  To have a secure marriage means we have spent time before the throne on behalf of our husband.

**And to my friends that haven't met their husbands yet--I would strongly encourage you to still spend time praying for the man that the Lord has in store for you!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn that he had been praying for you before you met!**

**Do you have resources or Scriptures that have helped you in praying for your husband and/or home?  Please share them with me in the comment section!**

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