Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Involve the Kiddos

"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."
 Isaiah 32:18

I did say "kiddos" in the title--not to imply that their are multiple kiddos in the McLendon household or that there will be any time soon.  Just making sure we are clear.

Moving on.  :)

Todays post will look different for most people, but bottom line I hope it's an encouragement to do it in some way shape or form.  When I was pregnant the hubs read the Word over my belly each night.  Loved, loved, loved this. I knew it was just the beginning.  I had this elaborate plan for when Jude was born that we would sit nice and neatly at the dinner table together each evening and when the meal was over we'd read the Word together.  After much trial and error and our carpet being destroyed in the process---Jude now eats in the kitchen--on top of a floor that can easily be cleaned up.  His attention span is only held long enough to get the amount of food he desires into his mouth and the rest fed to the basset hound.  This time span is usually shorter than the amount of time it takes for us to eat, so he's down out of his chair before we are done.  There's not much of a window between dinner time and when I whisk Jude upstairs to wash the day off of him.  While I wash the kid, Robert cleans the kitchen.  It's when all of this is done Robert and I get in the Word together (Day 8).

All that to say, my elaborate plan of being a family in the Word together has not panned out.  But I know it will.  Eventually.  In due time--because it is at the very top of my goal list.

In the meantime, I wash my son with the Word in other creative ways.  When he's in the bathtub (which coincidentally is the longest amount of time you can get him to sit still), for those few minutes he is in the high chair.  Our favorite tradition is each Friday morning him and I start our morning off watching the Passion 2012 session that the leaders read Ephesians.  It is marvelous.  A lot of times I just like having this playing in our home so that the Word is being spoken.

Praying as a family is also a goal--for now we involve Jude in the blessings of the food (which he now folds his hands, closes his eyes--peeks, and then says Amen. By far cutest thing ever).  We pray over him each night and whisper sweet blessings over him.  

To wrap it up, I want to share one of my favorite blog posts ever written that I refer back to often.  It's encouraging--no matter what stage of life you are in.  Click here to read 6 Ways to Develop the Habit of Daily Family Bible Reading by Ann Vonskamp.

Be encouraged tonight that if I can say anything at all--it will be messy at times--but involve the kiddos in the praying and the reading of the Word---whatever and however that looks like for you!

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