Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's Be Intentional Shall We?

"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."
 Isaiah 32:18

Yesterday I saw these words on twitter, "Do something unexpected with someone you love today."  Good right?  I didn't put these words to action yesterday--but I did today.  I already knew today was going to be jam packed-I had an early Saturday morning meeting that was going to leave me about an hour before we had to leave for a wedding.  My meeting ended a little early-so I rushed home and announced, let's have a picnic!  Off to subway we went and took a short walk to a field at the base of the mountain.  It took me awhile to get over the fact that we no longer live on the coast, but I love this mountain that God's given us to enjoy!  And today....was absolutely beautiful....

Day 6.  I love the spontaneous....problem is I think we get so bogged down in the everyday routine that we miss the opportunity for good quality time with the ones we love.  So yes-do the spontaneous.  Do it soon--but let's make a long term goal together to be intentional and schedule in those quality time moments that memories are made of.  Whether it be date night with your husband or a trip to the zoo with the whole fam--do it!  And do it often!  Because being intentional with the ones you love---leads to giving your family an Isaiah 32:18 home.

And we did make it to the wedding--another beautiful picture of the goodness of Jesus!

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